Workplaces are in a unique position to influence health, encourage smokefree and trigger quit attempts.

Benefits of becoming a smokefree workplace

These include:

  • Less sick leave: Employees who smoke take around 3x more sick leave than non-smokers.
  • Increased productivity: just four 10 minute smoke breaks throughout the day results in the loss of 1 month’s productivity per smoker.
  • Reduced costs: Each employee who smokes cost the company around $2000 per smoker per year.
  • Reduced cleaning and maintenance costs.
  • Reduced fire or safety risks.
  • Reduced insurance costs.
  • A positive business image.

Become a Smokefree friendly workplace

Having a Smokefree policy sets out expected norms and provides a healthy and supportive environment for everyone. There are a few options to consider to help design a Smokefree policy that suit the needs of your workplace.
This policy toolkit can help with guiding decision making [307KB PDF].

Smokefree signage is necessary to communicate expectations and helps people to know they are in a smokefree area.
The Community Health Information Centre (CHIC) provides free smokefree signage to show people that your workplace, home or building is smokefree.
The Health Promotion Agency provides metal smokefree signage for external areas such as on the outside of buildings or fences. Small quantities are available free of charge.

Having smokefree resources provides staff access to health information and to hear about support that is available to them. Here is where you can order useful resources including the latest on vaping.
The Community Health Information Centre (CHIC) provides free smokefree resources on quitting.

Setting up a referral pathway to access support is a good way for a workplace to support staff in becoming smokefree. In Canterbury, people can register online or by calling 0800 425 700. A referral form can also be used by key health advocates in the workplace to refer staff.
Download a referral form for Te Hā - Waitaha Stop Smoking Canterbury [DOCX].

Onsite smoking cessation support

Te Hā - Waitaha offers free support to anyone in Canterbury wanting to become smokefree. The service works with individuals or groups and is available to come onsite and deliver cessation to staff considering a quit attempt.

You can expect the following onsite support:

  • A 6 to 8 week programme.
  • Introductory information session: medications, withdrawals, setting quit date.
  • Weekly sessions: a combination of face-to-face, phone and text.
  • Free Nicotine Replacement Therapy: Patches, gum and lozenges.
  • Smokerlyzer: Carbon Monoxide readings.
  • Staff who are ready to set a quit date within 2 to 3 weeks of the programme starting.
  • Support staff to be Smokefree while at work.

Contact us to discuss becoming a Smokefree friendly workplace or to organise onsite support.

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