Te Hā - Waitaha's Pregnancy Incentive Programme is available across Canterbury.

The programme provides incentives to celebrate smokefree milestones:

  • All pregnant women who attend an initial session with Te Hā - Waitaha will receive a $50 voucher.
  • Further vouchers are provided for those who enrol in the programme when they reach certain points in their smokefree journey.
  • Pēpipods encourage safer sleep, and will be available FREE to all pregnant women through the programme.

Your Quit Coach will provide you with personalised support (either individually or in a group) and access to FREE Nicotine Replacement Therapy - patches, gum, lozenges and QuickMist.

Your Quit Coach will also talk to you about:

  • remaining smokefree after the birth;
  • safer sleep; and
  • smokefree homes and cars.

Whānau and friend participation and support is encouraged.

Your baby’s first home is YOU

  • Inhaled smoke contains poisons that enter your bloodstream and pass through the placenta to the baby, damaging your baby’s health.
  • This damage includes being born prematurely, being stillborn, developing asthma, high blood pressure, leukaemia, glue ear and more.
  • Smoking can also cause a low birth weight, due to underdeveloped organs.
  • Smoking during pregnancy is the leading cause of Sudden Unexplained Death in Infancy (SUDI or cot death).
  • Smoking reduces the amount of oxygen available to the baby, and their breathing can be weaker.
Your baby’s first home is YOU


He taonga ā tātou pēpi - Our babies are our greatest treasure.

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